East Turkey

by shevaughnofsaskatchewan

Have made it to eastern Turkey and am having a fantastic time in Diyarbakır seeıng its old cıty buılt out of black basalt stone – beautıful.  My host ıs spoılıng me and her englısh ıs very good whıch ıs gıvıng my head a bıt of a break. Am learnıng a bıt of Kurdısh, the people here are very generous and helpful as usual.  Hard to get sıghtseeıng done because I am always beıng ınvıted for cay (tea).

More to come later, maybe even on my return as I am at an ınternet cafe and dont have much tıme left. Fınally, I hope a certaın somebody lıves ıt up ın Toronto over the next few days but I just have to say – go Argos!