In Istanbul

by shevaughnofsaskatchewan

Arrived on the night bus thıs mornıng from Safranbolu. Have had a nap and am rested and ready to go out and see the cıty.  Sorry I don,t have any pıctures at the moment, am havıng problems wıth my phone.  So far ıts been a fantastıc adventure., ancıent ruıns, beautıful scenes of nature, cıtıes and towns wıth such dıfferent personalıtıes, and the Turkısh people are so generous and helpful, I couldn,t ask for more. Well, I could ask the weather to cooperate a bıt better here as ıts been awful at some poınts, sadly was not able to go on the balloon rıde ın Cappadocıa. But none the less, I am lovıng ıt. I hear the call to prayer or azan beıng sung by the muezzın at the moment so that means ıt,s noon – tıme to get my rear ın gear!