Cyprus Update

by shevaughnofsaskatchewan

Who was I kidding when I said I’d give an update every city, sorry everyone, I’ve been too busy exploring.

Amsterdam was shorter than I first planned but I think I made the most of it getting to see the van gogh exhibit, Dutch Resistance Museum (lineup for Anne Frank House in pouring rain? no thank-you), and Bouwerij’t IJ (a dutch brewery, though the beer wasnt Belgian, it was so much better than Heineken, more variety, and under a windmill at that).  My hostess Talitha was lovely though our time was short, was interesting stay in her container apartment, I love the concept.

My trip from AMS to Cyprus was not without bumps but I made it and Brenton and I were able to finally meet up the next day.  Cyprus is one of mainland Europe’s vacation destinations.  Its been at least a balmy +25° since arrival, very welcome after all the rain during the first week.  The people are nice, food is pretty good such as the Haloumi (fried goat cheese), but olives nothing special. The country has many sights to see, I walked through Nicosia aka Lefkosa and saw their old 4.5 m tall stone walls built by the Venetians in the 1500s. In Larnaca I saw one of the most revered mosques, Halla Sultan Tekki, and a pristine Byzantine church filled with gold-painted elaborate figurines and tall-backed pew chairs. Overall I sadly say that Cyprus is not that picturesque, interesting history that might get overlooked, but I probably won’t be back. Sorry Cyprus.

Our €24 apartment came with a.humongous patio and the sun is shining down, went for a jog along the beach this morning as the sun rose and I saw some cruise ships coming into port.  Going to read a bit in the breeze and then we will be on our way to Turkey – finally!